THE FISCAL TIMES – 5 Questions for Glenn Hubbard

Q "You favor smaller government. How do you recommend we get there without stifling the recovery?"

Glenn Hubbard: "Entitlement reform, starting with Social Security. Slow the rate of benefit growth for upper-income households. It can reduce future deficits and preserve fairness."

TFT: "How can policymakers curtail uncertainty in the business community?"

Glenn Hubbard: "Articulate a path of fiscal sustainability; clarify the financial regulatory process; and undo the onerous regulation in Obamacare."

TFT: "Define ‘whole business leader.’"

Glenn Hubbard: "Someone who moves past expertise to connect the dots — shaping his or her firm and the economy. Our nation needs broad-gauged business leaders tackling big social problems that are also management problems."

TFT: "You say better tax policy will secure growth. How? "

Glenn Hubbard: "A broad-based consumption tax is best. Reducing marginal tax rates and broadening the tax base is a step. I don’t see much action until after the 2012 presidential campaign."

TFT: "How has the financial crisis shaped or changed your strategy at Columbia?"

Glenn Hubbard: "We’ve re-emphasized history and political economy to give business leaders perspective. A number of courses now focus on opportunities amid crisis – for example, the future of consumer finance."

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