MUTUAL FUND INDUSTRY: Competition and Investor Welfare

R. Glenn Hubbard, Michael F. Koehn, Stanley I. Ornstein, Marc Van Audenrode, and Jimmy Royer

Mutual funds form the bedrock of retirement savings in the United States, and, considering their rapid growth, are sure to be more critical in the future.

Because the size of fees paid by investors to mutual fund advisers can strongly affect the return on investment, these fees have become a contentious issue in Congress and the courts, with many arguing that investment advisers grow rich at the expense of investors.

This ground-breaking book not only conceptualizes a new economic model of the mutual fund industry, but also uses this model to test for price competition between investment advisers, evaluating the assertion that market forces fail to protect investors' returns from excessive fees.

Highly experienced authors track the growth of the industry over the past twenty-five years and present arguments and evidence both for and against theories of adviser malfeasance. The authors review the regulatory history of mutual fund fees and summarize leading case decisions addressing excessive fees.

Revealing the extent to which the governance structure of mutual funds truly impacts fund performance, this book provides the best understanding of today's mutual fund industry and is a vital tool for investors, money managers, fund directors, securities lawyers, economists, and anyone concerned with the regulation of mutual funds.

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"The Mutual Fund Industry is extremely well written and clear, and the authors are the first to present solid empirical results to address price competition in the mutual fund industry. The outcomes of these empirical tests are striking and important not only for mutual fund investors but also for courts, government antitrust policy, and rating agencies." — Joop Huij, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

"The Mutual Fund Industry is a very valuable contribution to the continuing and contentious debate over the competitiveness of the mutual funds industry. The authors make a strong case that this market is highly competitive and provide both analytical and empirical grounds for their conclusions." — William J. Baumol, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

"The Mutual Fund Industry is a choice collection that shouldn't be missed for anyone using their money wisely." — Midwest Book Review

"The Mutual Fund Industry investigates the frequent claim that investment advisers set monopoly prices for their services to retail mutual funds. In scope and detail, it is an excellent economic analysis. This book should be of interest to public policymakers, securities lawyers, and economists." — Clement G. Krouse, University of California, Santa Barbara