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TIME – Viewpoint: A Balanced Budget Amendment That Might Actually Work

The current debate over national economic policy has drawn to standstill in recent months, amid falling unemployment, budget deficits, and the sundry scandals that have consumed much of Washington. But just because the problems of unemployment and the unsustainability of our long-term budget appear less severe than they did a year ago doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be addressed.

THE FISCAL TIMES – A Top Economist’s Five-Point Plan to Fix the U.S.

Over the past month, several well-oiled Republican arguments against deficit spending have started to sound rusty.
GOP lawmakers can no longer claim that a debt-to-GDP ratio above 90 percent will squelch growth. That academic study has now been debunked because of spreadsheet errors and its hard line has become hazy.



Glenn Hubbard discusses his new book 'BALANCE' and how the U.S. can solve its entitlement and debt problems.

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WNYC/THE BRIAN LEHRER SHOW – Entitlement Spending and the Fall of Nations


Glenn Hubbard, dean of the Columbia Business School, adviser to Bush I and II, and co-author with Tim Kane, of Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America, says economic imbalance led to the downfall of past empires and warns that a similar fate is in store for the U.S. if the political stalemate over budget deficits and entitlements continues.

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MARKETWATCH – Politics Not Keeping Up With Debt Burden: Hubbard

Glenn Hubbard – BalanceBalanced budget amendment may be needed. From Ancient Rome to modern America, great powers have fallen when their politics could not keep up with economics.
And now the U.S. faces a financial imbalance that threatens its world leadership as an economy and a power, says Glenn Hubbard, dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business in a new book, ‘Balance,’ coauthored with Tim Kane, the chief economist of the Hudson Institute.Hubbard notes that Medicare outlays were $14.1 billion in 1975. They have spiraled to $520.4 billion in 2010.

BLOOMBERG/HAYS ADVANTAGE – Hubbard Eyes Economics of Great Powers in ‘Balance’


Glenn Hubbard – BALANCEGlenn Hubbard, dean and professor at the Columbia Business School, explains the thesis of his book "BALANCE: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America," co-authored with Tim Kane of the Hudson Institute, and why the U.S. must cut its debt to avoid the fate of previous "empires." Hubbard speaks with Bloomberg's Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn on Bloomberg Radio's "The Hays Advantage."

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BLOOMBERG/TOM KEENE – Glenn Hubbard on Fed Policy, U.S. Tax Overhaul

Glenn Hubbard, dean of Columbia University’s business school, talks about Federal Reserve policy, the need to overhaul U.S. tax laws and JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon. Hubbard speaks with Tom Keene, Sara Eisen, Michael McKee and Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance." Thomas Michaud, chief executive officer of KBW Inc., also speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)

SQUAWK BOX/CNBC– How to 'BALANCE' Our Budget: Expert


Glenn Hubbard, Columbia Business School dean, explains why he believed a balanced approach is the best way to fix our nation's debt problem and encourage economic growth.

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MORNING JOE – How Imbalance Can Cause Civil Collapse


Glenn Hubbard shares details from his book, BALANCE which looks at the economics of great powers from ancient Rome to modern U.S.

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FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – The Deficit is Falling. So What?


How should we read the falling deficit? Fareed Zakaria is joined by Glenn Hubbard and Zanny Minton Beddoes to debate whether this is good for the economy.

Watch the interview on CNN: Fareed Zakaria GPS

Glenn Hubbard - BALANCE


CHARLIE ROSE - Glenn Hubbard with David Leonhardt and Roger Altman


Charlie Rose with Glenn Hubbard, Dean of Columbia Business School, David Leonhardt of the New York Times, and Roger Altman, Chairman of Evercore Partners.

Watch the interview with Glenn Hubbard on Charlie Rose




Boom, Bust or What?

Who has the better ideas: Larry Summers, who helped design U.S. economic policy under two Democratic presidents, or Glenn Hubbard, George W. Bush’s tax-cutting guru?

Adam Davidson referees a debate between Larry Summers and Glenn Hubbard

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Glenn Hubbard, Dean of Columbia Business School, served in the Bush White House from February 2001 until March 2003 as the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and the OECD’s Economic Policy Committee {Read more}


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